15 Jun 2010, 3:42pm


Quality Service with HomeSure Services

HomeSure Services is committed to finding the best deal for all home repairs and satisfying each and every customer; it is that simple! HomeSure has been in the home repair provider business for over two decades, and their experience is second to none. For one low deducible and a quick phone call, they will find the best repairman in your area to fix any simple home repair or complicated emergency that might arise.

There are many ways that HomeSure Services makes certain that the customer is satisfied. First of all, they are open all day, everyday of the year. Their employees are ready to take your call and get the repair started. Many of these operators are trained service professionals and will give advice that you can trust. Another reason is that HomeSure creates an exclusive provider directory of only the best repairmen. They run all of their service providers through a rigorous screening process to ensure that you are getting a highly qualified professional. If the service provider starts doing a job that is less than satisfactory, HomeSure will remove them from their list.

This is a company that is attentive to details and takes care of those details so that the customer doesn’t have to. Customer surveys are regularly issued, and HomeSure is sincerely interested in the customer’s feedback. There is a 180-day warranty with any home repair completed through HomeSure, and if there is a problem, HomeSure is proactive in making sure that things are fixed in a timely manner. At the end of the day, HomeSure Services wants you to be happy and takes care of all the little details to make certain that happens.